In Spring of 2013, my mom gave me a beat-up shoe box full of my late grandfather's vintage coins. So, I started making necklaces and bracelets to highlight those coins. Initially, I designed pieces for myself, but my twin daughters kept taking them from my closet. As I experimented with more materials, my girls became my first customers, requesting certain pieces to go with their favorite outfits.

Eventually, my friends and my girls' friends in college wanted some pieces of their own. So, in Fall of 2013, I decided to turn my hobby into a business. Since then, my business has grown exponentially, with numerous trunk shows spanning the Southeast from Nashville to Tampa to Houston and expanding to Telluride, while garnering national interest from various boutique stores around the country.  If you know of a store that would be interested in selling my pieces, please let me know!




Keep It Simple

That's my motto. My pieces are genuine, fashionable, and wearable. I love designing with gemstones, coins, leather, African glass, freshwater pearls, bone,  and sandalwood beads. All stones, leather, and pearls are real. All materials are hand chosen, and all pieces are crafted by my own two hands in my home studio in Nashville, TN.